The ARA Certified Recycler Program is an industry-led quality assurance program designed to enhance the utilization of recycled parts in the collision and mechanical repair process. Certified Auto Recyclers distinguish themselves as professionals committed to meeting the industry’s highest performance standards.

The ARA Certified Recycler program provides the following benefits to its recyclers:

  • An assurance that recyclers are being held to a consistent level of standards.
  • Guidance, training, and resources to help implement best practices.
  • A designation that associates their facility with other progressive automotive recyclers.

Certified Auto Recyclers achieve their designation after their existing management team and employees complete this series of online courses modules as applicable to their job description.

Each course module focuses on a specific aspect of the automotive recycling supply chain. These modules are designed to educate employees on industry best practices and expectations. The three course modules are as follows:

Dismantler Orientation – This module contains four sections:

  • Environmental Processing.
  • Body Parts and Interior Dismantling.
  • Mechanical Parts Dismantling.
  • Work Orders, Storage and Cleaning, Sectioning and Shipping.

Inventory Management and Parts-Grading – This module contains several sections, including the following:

  • Understanding the 2012 ARA Parts Definition Standards.
  • Understanding the ARA Damage Code.
  • Understanding and Identifying A, B, & C Parts-Grading.
  • Understanding the Importance of Good Inventory Management.

Standards of Performance – This module is designed for employees who are involved in managing and selling parts, or communicating and reconciling parts orders with repair facilities. The course will focus on the current standards and expectations (as detailed in the ICBC MD Manual) for both the Certified Auto Recycler and the repair facilities with which they do business.