Lesson 2.9 – Front End Parts


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 15 minutes.

Lesson 2.9 Video

To begin Lesson 2.9, watch this video (3 minutes, 29 seconds)

Review of Lesson 2.9


  1. Unbolt the hood.
  2. Disconnect and remove headlamps and park lamps.
  3. Remove the grill.
  4. Unbolt bumper assembly.
  5. Unbolt header panel assembly.
  6. Unbolt hood hinges at top of fenders.
  7. Unbolt fenders.
  8. Disconnect antenna.
  9. Put stock number on all parts.
  10. Place unneeded parts safely in vehicle and take required parts from the work order to the cleaning and delivery area.
  11. Give the completed work order to sale staff or supervisor.
  12. You must remove and drain the radiator and condenser before removing the front-end.
  13. Place all resell able parts in a safe area.
  14. Be sure to keep all nuts, bolts, and clips for parts removed. Body shop staff will need these for attaching and it will keep your work area clean.
  15. On some vehicles, the header panel can be removed with the headlamps and grill intact.
  16. Record any damage on the work order:(E.g. if the bottom of the bumper has damage any damage that is not clearly visible and may have been missed).
  17. Some bumpers may have 4 or more components: rebar, cushion, absorbers, and covers.
  18. Always look for hidden bolts and clips when removing fenders.
  19. Rad supports may be bolted or need to be cut using a saw. See management for protocol.
  20. Always get help when removing heavy body panels.

Health & Safety:

  1. PPE: steel-toed boots, safety glasses, gloves, high visibility vest.

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