Lesson 4.2 – Parts Cleaning and Storage


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 10 minutes.

Lesson 4.2 Video

To begin Lesson 4.2, watch this video (1 minutes, 59 seconds).


Review of Lesson 4.2


  1. Anything mechanical needs to be plugged and sealed before storage.
  2. Avoid getting water in engines when cleaning.
  3. Engines and transmission need to be properly secured in storage.
  4. Make sure the correct tag goes with the correct part.
  5. Delicate parts should be stored with other delicate parts.
  6. Body panels should always be stored with care.
  7. Parts should be stored in a safe manner without overhang.
  8. Always clean and inspect part before shipping.
  9. Remove minor surface rust before shipping.

Quality Control:

  1. Each company will have different cleaning procedures. These guidelines are for general information purposes.
  2. Always clean mechanical parts in an environment safe contentment area.
  3. Parts must be thoroughly cleaned by removing excessive oil, grease, and dirt.
  4. Wash doors and body parts as you would when washing your own vehicle.
  5. Any parts pulled that remain in the vehicle must be identified with a stock number.

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