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New legislation was introduced in September 2010 that impacts impound lot operators (ILOs) with respect to the way they handle impoundment and disposal of vehicles. This course provides guidance and best practices to help ILOs understand their rights and obligations under the law.

The course is divided into the following three modules:

  1. Statutory Lien Disposals
    – Procedures through the Motor Vehicle Act and the RTI (Refuse To Issue) Program
  2. Warehouse Lien Disposals
    – Procedures through the Warehouse Lien Act, 
    the Ministry of Transportation’s Abandoned Vehicle Program and how to deal with Alberta Plated Vehicles.
  3. Removing Liens
    – How to remove a lien through the PPSA.

Each module begins with a tutorial video followed by a complete review in text format. Course materials are provided as downloads where applicable.