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Find the first course you wish to take, go to the course start page and click the “Take this course” button. If you do not have an account, one will be created for you when you complete the registration.

First, click “login” in the main menu atop the page. Enter your username or email address, and then your password. Once logged in, find the course you wish to add to your account, go to the course start page and click “Take this course”. Since you were already logged in, you will skip the new user registration process.

A unique account must be created for each employee so their progress and credits can be tracked. However, employers can do this for their employees. First, if you already have an account yourself, make sure you are NOT logged in, otherwise the new courses you select will be added to YOUR account. Find the course you want to enroll your employee in and go to its start page. Click the “Take this course” button. In the registration form, enter the employee’s name and email address (a unique email address is required) and create a password. If there is a registration fee for the course, you may pay for the employee when you reach the payment step. Give the employee their username and password (email address can be used for username). Repeat this process for each additional employee.

Click “Login” in the main menu atop the page. In the login screen, click “Lost password?” and enter your email address. Click the Submit button. Check your email for further instructions.

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