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The ARA Emergency Response Traffic Control for Towing and Recovery Operators online training course is designed to instruct tow and recovery operators how to successfully manage traffic and set up a temporary work zone at the scene of an accident or roadside assistance call. This course does not provide certification as a traffic control person (TCP).  TCP certification requires additional training not offered in this course.

The course is made possible through WorkSafeBC’s small initiatives funding program and involved gathering input and feedback from traffic management consultants, industry stakeholders, and tow and recovery operators. Special thanks to the ARA towing and recovery technical advisory committee for their help and support in developing this course.

While there is other training available that instructs operators in the principles of traffic control, this is the only course available online and that is designed specifically for the British Columbia towing and recovery industry.  The goal of every tow and recovery operator is to get home safely after every shift, and completing this course will help provide the knowledge, confidence, and resources to do the job safely.

Course content

Important! - Please Read

This course consists of  modules, with each module divided into lessons covering a specific topic. Lesson material is a mix of text, images, and videos. You must read all of the text and watch the videos, and we highly recommend that you take notes, as some of the information in the videos is not duplicated elsewhere.

At the end of each module, you will be asked to complete a short quiz. You must complete this quiz by answering all questions correctly, and you can take as many retries as you need. We strongly recommend you go back and review the module material before trying again.

We recommended you set aside uninterrupted time to go through this course. If you must leave, or if you wish to complete in sections, remember to log off (if you are using a shared computer). You can return at any time and pick up where you left off. You can read the course material and/or watch the videos as many times as you wish, but make sure you read and understand all material before attempting the quizzes or the final exam. The final exam requires that you answer 80% of the questions correctly, and you have a maximum of three retries. Again, we recommend going back and reviewing the material before attempting the final exam again. You can leave a quiz or exam and return…the system will save your place.

Once you complete a module quiz, you can proceed to the next module. Please remember to mark each lesson and module complete when you are confident you are ready to proceed.

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Upon Completion

When you reach the end of the course, you will be assessed on what you have learned, with a final exam. Passing threshold is 80% and you have a maximum of three retries. Once you have passed the exam, you can download your certificate of completion.