Returning customers: how to register for additional courses

Return customers (individuals or Group Leaders) can add more courses to their profile simply by logging in and repeating the steps they took the previous time(s).

Go to the Courses page and select the new course you wish to register for:

Follow the same steps you took on the previous occasion(s). Step-by-step instructions are provided in the following help articles:

  1. For Individuals
  2. For Groups

If you are already logged in, your billing details will be pre-populated when you get to the checkout page. The checkout page also provides an opportunity to log in if you are a returning customer and are not logged in yet:

Purchasing a new Group registration

If you are purchasing a Group registration, you must create a new Group for the additional course. You cannot add a new course to an existing Group. Give the Group a name, such as your company name, with something appended to it to identify which course this Group is associated with. If this means you need to append the original Group name, do so via your Group Dashboard:

When you have purchased a new Group, adding users to the Group is also the same as adding them the first time, but if a user was assigned to a previous Group, typing in the first few characters of their name will automatically find matches to auto-populate the fields, saving you from having to type them all over again. Click “Add more users” to assign multiple users at a time:


Purchasing additional courses for returning customers is the same as purchasing for the first time, except that you do not have to create a new account. Logging into your existing account will apply your saved information to the billing details on the Checkout page. This is true for both Individuals and Group Leaders.