Introduction Copy

Welcome to the Auto Dismantler Orientation course. Our goal is to provide workers in the auto recycling industry with the essential skills necessary to operate within an auto recycling business safely and profitably.

Module 1 is broken down into four Sections:

  1. Environmental Processing
  2. Body Parts and Interior
  3. Mechanical Parts
  4. Work Orders, Parts Cleaning & Shipping, Vehicle Sectioning

Within each Section is a series of short lessons, each of which begin with a video overview, followed by a comprehensive review.

Proceed at your own pace. Stop at any time. The system will track your progress (see below). The estimated time to complete each lesson is shown.

Tracking your progress

When you reach the end of each lesson (bottom of page) and are ready to move to the next lesson, click the “Mark Complete” button. This will fill in the progress tracking bar across the top (the grey dots represent each lesson in the course and turn green after a lesson is marked complete). You will automatically be sent to the next lesson. Once you have marked a lesson complete, the Mark Complete button will no longer appear on the page when revisited.

Tip: to advance without marking the lesson complete, just click “Next Lesson”. You will also find a link to the Previous Lesson.

Good luck, and have fun!

The first lesson is Environmental Processing