Lesson 1.2 – Batteries Copy


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 5 minutes.

Lesson 1.2 Video

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Review of Lesson 1.2


  1. After the electrical systems have been tested and the engine turned off, the battery must be removed and placed in a mandatory used battery catchment tray.
  2. Store any reusable batteries in a proper location.

Quality Control:

  1. Check the manual for the location of the battery if not found under the hood.
    Use battery clamps if necessary.
  2. It is mandatory to store used batteries in a catchment tray. The tray must be watertight and resistant to acid runoff.

​Health & Safety:

  1. Risks include accidental contact of battery acid on skin.
  2. See First Aid.
  3. Refer to WHMIS and MSDS.
  4. In the case of accidental spillage, neutralize the acid immediately. Ensure a Spill Kit is readily available.
  5. The battery must be secured in a covered area because it is harmful to the environment.

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