Lesson 2.5 – Front Windshield, Back Window and Sunroof


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 10 minutes.

Lesson 2.5 Video

Begin Lesson 2.5 by watching this video (3 minutes, 03 seconds)

Review of Lesson 2.5


  1. Remove trim pieces around windshield.
  2. Remove inner trim around windshield.
  3. Slide cutter betweenglass, and edge.
  4. Cut all the way around. Lift glass out and place on a glass rack.
  5. Rear glass can be removed in the same manner.
  6. Remove all mouldings around sunroof.
  7. Drop down the head liner.
  8. Undo bolts holding sunroof assembly.
  9. Disconnect wires. Do not cut wires.
  10. Remove the sunroof thru the back window area.

Quality Control:

  1. Do not scratch any parts.
  2. Do not cut rubber seal.
  3. Check with management if unsure about procedures.
  4. Place parts in a protective support.
  5. When using electrical induction to remove glass, care must be taken not to overheat the metal as this will result in damage to the door. As you can see from the example shown in the video, the metal on the door is warped, weakened, and burnt. The door now is unusable. If an electrical induction is used, care must be taken that the setting is not too high.
  6. Special tools: glass wire, removal tools, razor, knife, suction cups.

Health & Safety:

  1. Standard PPE applies.
  2. Always wear gloves and protective eye wear.
  3. Risks: watch for cracking of window glass, awkward postures.

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