Lesson 2.6 – Door Panel and Components


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 15 minutes.

Lesson 2.6 Video

Begin Lesson 2.6 by watching this video (2 minutes, 51 seconds)

Review of Lesson 2.6


  1. Remove inner door handle cover and undo screw-clips.
  2. Remove power switches or manual window handles as required.
  3. Remove door panel.
  4. Brace glass into place so when the regulator is undone it will not fall.
  5. Undo bolts holding the regulator in place or drill out the rivets.
  6. Unbolt run channel at front and rear of door.
  7. Remove glass thru top.
  8. Regulator will have to be adjusted up or down thru this procedure.
  9. Disconnect door lock assembly.
  10. Unbolt glass, or drill rivets.
  11. Unbolt the mirrors.
  12. Disconnect wires.
  13. Mark the stock number on the inner face using R for right or L for left.
  14. Mark stock number and right hand or left hand on parts.
  15. Mark FRT for front or RR for rear as these parts will need to be identified at a later date.

Quality Control:

  1. Look for hidden screws covered by small caps.
  2. See door removal procedures before removing component parts.
  3. A power source will be needed in order to move power window regulators – see management for details.
  4. When marking stock numbers on glass or plastic parts print it on a non-visible area (where it cannot normally be seen). Example: Inner side of door panel or glass below the door frame.
  5. Special tools: hook tool, clip remover pliers.

Health & Safety:

  1. PPE: Safety glasses and steel-toed boots.

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