Lesson 2.8 – Rear Body Parts Copy


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 10 minutes.

Lesson 2.8 Video

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Review of Lesson 2.8


  1. Undo bolts for trunk lid at hinges and do not cut wiring. Place trunk lid in safe area.
  2. Undo hinge with caution as it may be under pressure from cross member.
  3. Remove inner liner and carpet.
  4. Remove plugs to prevent water accumulation.
  5. Unbolt tail light and mark stock numbers on all parts. Disconnect Do NOT Cut Wires.
  6. Unbolt rear bumper which may have 3 or 4 pieces to it. Keep these all together and mark the stock number on all parts.

Quality Control:

Front and rear bumper pieces:

  • Cover
  • Rebar
  • Absorbers RH / LH
  • Lower valance

Specific tools:

  • Chisels
  • Hoist
  • Axle Stands
  • Torch

Health & Safety:

  1. PPE: steel-toed boots, safety glasses, gloves, hearing protection.

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