Lesson 3.3 – Engine Removal and Drain


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 10 minutes.

Lesson 3.3 Video

To begin Lesson 3.3, watch this video (3 minutes, 05 seconds).

Review of Lesson 3.3


  1. Remove hood.
  2. Prepare for engine removal by removing:
    – Fuse-box
    – Washer Fluid Reservoir
    – Air cleaner
    – Battery Tray
    – ECM
    – Etc.
  3. Attach necessary chains to engine and engine hoist.
  4. Ensure that chains are properly connected to ensure that nothing is damaged during lift.
  5. Undo upper and lower motor mounts.
  6. Secure loose hoses and wire away from engine transmission assembly.
  7. Remove engine transmission assembly.
  8. Place assembly on drain.Bottom drop
  9. Lift Vehicle Slowly.
  10. Set up a recovery table under engine/transmission assembly.
  11. Ensure everything is out of the way before lifting hoist.
  12. Place engine on push cart.

Quality Control:

  1. Do not allow anything to enter intake manifold.
  2. The frost plug must be in place.
  3. Removal of the engine should be slow and gradual. Abrupt, shaking, or jerking motions should be avoided.
  4. Asses for any damage:
    – Cracked mounts
    – Excessive leaks
  5. Place in catchment area.
  6. The engines in some vehicles may be lowered from the bottom.
  7. See management for specific procedures.
  8. Basic tools required.

Health & Safety:

  1. Standard PPE applies. At a minimum, be sure to wear safety glasses, steel-toed boots.
  2. Ensure that the vehicle is secure.
  3. Get assistance if required.

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