Lesson 3.4 – Rear Axle Assembly Copy


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 10 minutes.

Lesson 3.4 Video

To begin Lesson 3.4, watch this video (1 minutes 53 seconds).


Review of Lesson 3.4


  1. Lubricate wheel nuts.
  2. Remove wheel nuts
  3. Remove wheels.
  4. Remove tires.
  5. Disconnect ABS. Do not cut wires.
  6. Remove rubber brake lines.
  7. Undo horseshoe clamp bolt on the right-hand side.
  8. Lower safely to the ground.
  9. Undo the left-hand bolts and safely lower to the ground.
  10. Get assistance to move.

Quality Control:

  1. The vehicle should be safely on a hoist or wheel stands. Ensure the vehicle is stable before going underneath.
  2. Inspect gears and axles for excessive wear and magnet for any shavings.
  3. Look to see if it is not bent.
  4. Notate any damage on the work order.
  5. Do not cut emergency brake cables.
  6. Specific Tools:
    – Hoist
    – Axle Stands
    – Hydraulic Jack

Health & Safety:

  1. Standard PPE applies.
  2. Risks:
    – It is important that you verify the vehicle is secure because of the weight changes caused by the removal of the part.

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