Lesson 3.5 – Engine Break Down


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 15 minutes.

Lesson 3.5 Video

To begin Lesson 3.5, watch this video (2 minutes, 42 seconds).


Review of Lesson 3.5


  1. Remove the starter.
  2. Mark stock number on all parts.
  3. Undo torque converter bolts.
  4. Disconnect transmission from engine.
  5. Place torque converter upside down on a drain bench as this unit takes a long time to drain.
  6. Remove transmission oil pan. Let transmission finish draining.
  7. Remove the power steering pump.
  8. Turn upside down to drain.
  9. Remove air conditioning pump.
  10. Plug inlet lines of air conditioning pump.
  11. Remove the alternator.
  12. Mark the stock number on all parts.

Quality Control:

  1. Stock numbers must be marked on all parts.
  2. Tag parts “if supplied”.
  3. Mark “NO OIL” on engine, transmission, torque converter, power steering pump.
  4. Check oil pan for clutch shavings or burnt oil.
  5. Supervisor should be consulted before determining if sold as a core or a salable unit.
  6. Basic tools required.

Health & Safety:

  1. Standard PPE applies.

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