Lesson 3.6 – Steering Gear Removal


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 10 minutes.

Lesson 3.6 Video

To begin Lesson 3.6, watch this video (1 minutes, 55 seconds)


Review of Lesson 3.6


  1. Place a catchment under power steering hose lines.
  2. Undo tie-rod bolts at each end.
  3. Disconnect the power steering lines at the steering gear connection.
  4. Undo bolts holding the steering gear to vehicle.
  5. Remove steering gear assembly.
  6. Place on drain bench to allow fluids to finish draining before you plug the hole for shipping.
  7. Wipe off parts and place the stock number on parts.Plug steering gear connections with proper plugs.

Quality Control:

  1. Keep the nuts and bolts to ship with the parts.
  2. Basic tools required.

Health & Safety:

  1. Standard PPE applies.
  2. Get assistance, if required.

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