Lesson 3.7 – Front Suspension


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 10 minutes.

Lesson 3.7 Video

To begin Lesson 3.7, watch this video (2 minutes, 24 seconds).

Review of Lesson 3.7


  1. Spray all bolts with lubricant.
  2. Remove wheel.
  3. Undo drive shaft main bolt.
  4. Undo the stabilizer bar bolt and remove.
  5. Disconnect abs sensor wire never cut this wire.
  6. Unbolt caliper bolts and remove.
  7. Place catchment for any fluid that may leak.
  8. Hang caliper using bailing wire or remove and place in catchment.
  9. Undo lower control arm bolts.
  10. Unbolt upper strut bolts in engine compartment.
  11. Slide complete knee assembly.Mark stock number on all loose parts.

Quality Control:

  1. Tools:
    – Basic Tools
    – Coil Spring Clamp

Health & Safety:

  1. Standard PPE applies.
  2. Risks:
    – A coil spring clamp must be used to relieve pressure of the suspension. Failure to follow proper procedures can result in serious injury or even death.

The next lesson (topic) is Rear Suspension