Lesson 3.8 – Rear Suspension


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 10 minutes.

Lesson 3.8 Video

To begin Lesson 3.8, watch this video (1 minute, 59 seconds).

Review of Lesson 3.8


  1. Lubricate wheel nuts.
  2. Remove wheel.
  3. Disconnect ABS wire. Do not cut wire.
  4. Place catchment tray under assembly for any leaks.
  5. Unbolt the brake caliper and tie-up out of the way or remove the rubber brake line and place caliper in catchment.
  6. Undo stabilizer bar bolt and remove.
  7. Place coil spring clamp on assembly and tighten until pressure is released between upper and lower control arms.
  8. Unbolt lower control arm bolts.
  9. Unbolt upper control arm bolts.
  10. Mark stock numbers on all parts removed.

Quality Control:

  1. See tire removal procedures (Lesson 1.7)
  2. Basic tools required, coil spring clamp.

Health & Safety:

  1. Standard PPE applies.
  2. Projection risk if the part falls to the ground.
  3. Heavy item – get assistance if required.

The next lesson (topic) is Brake Booster and Master Cylinder