Lesson 4.1 – Work Orders Copy


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 10 minutes.

Lesson 4.1 Video

To begin Lesson 4.1, watch this video (2 minutes, 10 seconds).

Review of Lesson 4.1


  1. Pick up the work order from the assigned area.
  2. Confirm the information on the work order.
  3. Complete the work order as required.
  4. Mark all changes you have made to the vehicle on the work order.
  5. Mark stock numbers on all parts removed from the vehicle.
  6. Clean the area that you have just worked in.
  7. Work order will let you know if in town or out of town shipping.
  8. Place the cleaned part in shipping area as required.
  9. Return completed work order to completed bin or sales staff assigned.

Quality Control:

  1. Work orders are the key communication link between managers, sale staff, dismantlers, and inventory control.
  2. Confirm that the vehicle part and condition match the work order.
  3. All small parts that cannot be written on can be placed back in the car. Mark this information on the work order.
  4. All parts must be clean.
  5. Out of town parts must be wrapped or placed on a pallet and strapped down.
  6. See parts shipping procedures (Lesson 4.3, later in this section).

The next lesson (topic) is Parts Cleaning & Storage