Lesson 4.3 – Shipping Copy


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 10 minutes.

Lesson 4.3 Video

To begin Lesson 4.3, watch this video (1 minutes, 58 seconds).


Review of Lesson 4.3


  1. All parts being shipped out of town must be wrapped or placed on a pallet.
  2. Small parts like engine control modules should be placed in a box with filler paper or bubble wrap, to protect them from damage.
  3. Glass should be wrapped and secured in cardboard with stickers place on it marked: Fragile, Top, Load, or Glass.
  4. Doors and quarter panels will need to be crated or placed on a pallet.
  5. Rear clips, front clips, and truck boxes are to be placed on a pallet.
  6. All packages must have a shipping order with the company information to which it is being shipped clearly marked on it.

Quality Control:

  1. Each part will be wrapped securely for shipping quality.
  2. Parts should be properly cleaned before wrapping.
  3. Minor surface rust should be removed.
  4. Parts should be prepped for customer.
  5. Shipper must confirm that the part and quality matches the description on
    the invoice.
  6. Have the shipper inform the sales person when part is ready to be shipped.
  7. Tools supplies: wire, tape, shrink wrap, labels, felt pen, cardboard, etc.

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