Module 2, Lesson 6 Copy


Approximate time to complete this lesson: 30 minutes.

Lesson 6 Video

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Review of Lesson 6

As we have learned, recycled parts are often sold as assemblies as opposed to individual components.

A Grade Assembly

An A grade assembly will have three or less units of necessary repair. An entire front end or rear body assembly in A condition will have three units or less of necessary repair.

Let’s take an example of an A grade front-end assembly that includes

  • A crease in the hood 6C1
  • A dent in the fender 5D2

This assembly then has a total of three repair units making it an A grade assembly. If we were to look at each part separately, the hood, with an assigned code of 6C1, would be an A grade part, whereas the fender with an assigned code of 5D2 would be a B grade part.

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