Section 2: Body Parts and Interior Copy


In this section we cover the removal of various interior and body parts. It is broken down into nine short lessons:

2.1 – Air Bags
2.2 – Steering Wheel Column
2.3 – Interior Seats & Carpet
2.4 – Control Modules / Dash Board
2.5 – Front Windshield, Back Window & Sunroof
2.6 – Door Panel & Components
2.7 – 2.7 Door removal
2.8 – Rear body Parts
2.9 – Front End Parts

You will learn the basic skills required when handling these vehicle components, including health and safety information, the tools, materials and equipment used, and tips to not only protect the environment, but also to ensure that all recyclable parts remain in saleable condition.

The next lesson (topic) is Air Bags