Understanding WorkSafeBC Premiums
A free webinar presented by TeksMed Services on the impact of WorkSafeBC premiums on your business and how to control the costs.

ADAS Calibrations
A free webinar on the pros and cons of performing ADAS calibrations in an auto glass shop, and a look at some of the tools available.

OEM Repair Information
A free webinar on the history of the CASIS agreement and a demonstration of vehicle programming and devices.

ARA Group Benefits
A free webinar providing an overview of the ARA Group Benefits Plan.

COVID-19 In The Workplace
A free webinar presented by WorkSafeBC on employers’ responsibilities and best practices for a safe workplace during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice.
A recording of an interview with JF Champagne, president of the Automotive Industries Association, on the subject of who owns the data generated, stored, and transmitted by your vehicle.