How to start/navigate a course

After you have enrolled in a course and your account has been created, log in by clicking “Log in” in the main menu at the top right of the page. If the menu says “Log out”, you are already logged in.

You will be taken to your account page. You can return to your account page at any time by clicking “My Account”.

Your account page

Your account page shows the number of courses you are enrolled in, how many are completed, and certificates earned. Below that, your enrolled courses are listed:

Click on the title of a course to go to the start page of the corresponding course. Alternately, you can expand the content of a course, or all courses, by clicking the blue arrow to the right of a title, or the “Expand All” button:

Note that if you have completed a course, the certificate icon will be displayed. Click the icon if you need to download/print a copy of your certificate. The blue check mark in front of a title indicates the course has been completed, and the “Complete” badge will appear beside the certificate icon. Otherwise, this badge will say “In Progress” and the icon in front of the title shows approximately how much of the course has been completed.

If you are returning to a course to pick up where you left off, click the blue down-arrow on the right to expand the contents of the corresponding course:

In the screen shot above, the course “Emergency Response Traffic Control for Towing and Recovery Operators” has been expanded and the modules within the course are displayed. You can expand these to show the lessons within modules by clicking the blue down-arrow on the right of a module title, or expand all modules with the “Expand All” button:

At any point in the hierarchy, clicking a title will take you to the corresponding item…module, lesson, or quiz.

No matter where you are in a course, there is always a navigation menu available. The menu is expanded by default, on the left side of the page. It can be collapsed by clicking the arrow (pointing left) on the right side of the course title box atop the menu.

Similarly, each module can be expanded (to show the lessons within the module) by clicking the down-arrow on the left,  below each module title.

In the screen shot on the right, Module 1 is expanded and it shows the 3 lessons of the module, and the quiz. Clicking any title will take you to the corresponding item.


Tracking your progress

At the bottom of each lesson you will see buttons for navigating to the previous or next lesson. But, most importantly, there is a button to mark the lesson complete. This is how the system keeps track of your progress, so click the button to mark the lesson complete before moving on:

Below the “Mark Complete” button is a link to return to the beginning of the corresponding module.